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A few samples of our work...

Police K-9: Redesign existing trade publication

Police K-9, the leading publication for law enforcement dog handlers, trainers, breeders and associated industry needed a fresh, dynamic look to better appeal to its highly enthusiastic and dedicated target market.

The Magazine Factory researched the world of the K-9 handler/officer—the core reader—to understand the mindset and esthetics of these highly committed individuals. Well-trained dogs are highly revered and their trainers and handlers deeply respected, and this
ethos had to be clearly conveyed in the editorial/visual environment.


All visuals (except for well-established logos) were redesigned, including departments, columns, feature page layouts, photo presentation, type fonts, etc. resulting in a ramped-up sense of credibility and authority throughout the publication. Readers, contributors and advertisers alike lauded the new look.


The Magazine Factory was then enlisted to design and produce every subsequent issue through 2014 when the title was sold to another publishing company.

Inside Pitch: New publication start-up

Inside Pitch was conceived to be the authority on college and professional level baseball coaching, published and written by championship calibre coaches and instructors. It required a clean, baseball-specific look and feel to communicate in words, pictures and tone the serious mindset of these professionals, while conveying the love for the game and joy of competition and self-improvement.

Starting with a blank sheet, so to speak, a totally new entity was developed with close attention to every detail that would create an exciting magazine that would not only articulate the information presented, but provide a credible forum for the sport and a fruitful environment
for advertisers.


The Magazine Factory designs and produces every subsequent issue.

GWAP - The Business of Hip Hop: New publication start-up

GWAP - The Business of Hip Hop was conceived to be the definitive publication for the Hip Hop music business, incorporating current urban culture with the prevailing attitudes—as well as the creative and business goals—of musicians, agents, venues and advertisers.

A deep dive into this trendy and fast-evolving culture revealed the environment that resonates with the movers-and-shakers of the industry as well as the up-and-coming stars, and fans alike. Graphic style, choices of typography and visual presentation was developed to speak to these individuals with a voice of knowledge and authority.

Discover Hollywood: Redesign long-established consumer magazine

Discover Hollywood had been in publication for 25 years, and had fallen behind the times graphically. Its relevance was tied to the visual presentation that evokes the magic, mystery, glamor and history of this storied city. The Magazine Factory was called in to start with a clean slate and completely redesign the publication to convey its message with clarity, style and credibility.

Response from the publishers, contributors, readers and advertisers alike was overwhelmingly positive and The Magazine Factory was contracted to design and produce every subsequent issue.

ELEET: New publication design

The publishers of ELEET responded to the effective and professional results The Magazine Factory brought to GWAP, needing a fresh, new upscale urban culture publication incorporating music, fashion, art, automobiles and celebrity news. We designed everything from the logo to the folios, the font usage to exciting in-your-face layout design as this culture demands.

The result was a clean, trend-setting product that was precisely what the publishers were seeking to interest investors and advertisers alike.

Hudson Currents: New publication design

Hudson Currents was conceived to cater to the interests and lifestyle of the residents and visitors of the Hudson Valley region of Upstate New York. The design had to be adjustable and scalable to the various seasons' issues, when the publication would increase or decrease in page count, as dictated by seasonal advertising.

A look was developed that appeals to a more conservative, affluent audience, as befits the target readership of this upscale area.

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