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Great magazines don't just "happen"....

It takes in-depth analysis into the target market at which you're aiming to design a publication that connects, resonates with and inspires that audience. Market trends, competition and economic realities all play a part in the genesis of a vibrant new magazine that truly conveys your message. That's what we do. It's no accident.

After starting up and running my own magazine publishing company since 1985, I accumulated a world of experience and knowledge into the workings of magazines. We started new publications from scratch, developed them, built them to flourish and eventually sold them profitably. Every aspect of magazine design, production, management, promotion, sales and marketing was undertaken and executed with efficiency and success. Very few—if any—other magazine design firms have this depth of experience. And we bring this experience to every publication we work on, whether a new start-up, a redesign, or taking over the regular issue-by-issue production seamlessly from an in-house staff or another design firm.


When you hire The Magazine Factory, you're hiring much more than a design firm. You've engaged a highly experienced consultancy on your team for no additional cost. Over the years, we have saved many of our clients above and beyond the cost of our services. That's a pretty smart business move!

                                                                                                                                               ~ Dave Destler

Dave Destler


The Magazine Factory

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